Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners


Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion Dollar industry, and it’s no surprise. Affiliate Marketing has been proven over the years to be an extremely viable business model, with the livelihoods of many people predicated upon it.
Like anything in life, an upside is often coupled with a downside. The low barrier of entry allows everyone to have an equal fighting chance, but this causes the affiliate marketing scene to be extremely competitive. 90 percent of people who sign up for a ClickBank account never receive a single check. What separates the 10 percent from the 90 percent?

Below are 5 tips to adhere to to rise above the pack to become an outstanding affiliate marketer.

Model Successful Affiliate Marketers
One of the shortcuts to success is to mimic the methods employed by successful people. Seek out the big names in affiliate marketing and get on their radar. Find out the price of their coaching program. If the mentor’s coaching fee is not within your range of affordability, you can still learn a lot from him or her by subscribing to their email list or by reading their blog posts.
When starting out in affiliate marketing it’s easy to get distracted by shiny objects. It’s human nature to be easily enticed by new and fancy objects. The worst thing an aspiring affiliate marketer can do is to hop from one system to another. The result will be frustration and this will cause him or her to give up quickly. Focus on one traffic generation method at a time, master it, and then move on to a new one.
Having interpersonal skills is imperative if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer. Knowing the right people allows you to leverage upon their success and achieve your goals much quicker. Hang out in Internet marketing forums such as and; provide immense value and you’ll quickly be part of the community. Also, do not hesitate to attend local networking events; nothing beats face-to-face interaction, even in the digital age.
Promote Only Quality Products
Word gets around quick, if you constantly bombard your audience with poor quality products or services for the sake of a quick buck, you’ll soon be on the blacklist of many people and this will have a dramatic effect on your sales. Transparency is paramount in this day and age. To ensure that the product you intend to promote is of a high quality, simply ask the vendor for a copy, and he or she will oblige most of the time.
Choose A Profitable Niche From The Beginning
If you choose the wrong niche from the get-go, you’ll never make money no matter how good your marketing is. One method to gauge the demand of the niche is to simply check whether there are magazines associate with the niche. Magazine companies run on razor thin margins hence you can rest assured that there’s a demand for the market associated with the magazine. If you want to skip the hassle that comes with market research, simply stick to the three big markets, i.e. Health/fitness, relationships and making money. People will always want to be rich, fit and loved.
The affiliate marketing scene is growing in concentration and many will falter. However, following the 5 tips above, you’ll have a much higher chance of succeeding following this incredibly lucrative business model.

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