[Solved] How to import large CSV files to Shopify

If you need to import your products via a CSV file to your Shopify store, you can simply head over to Products section and click on Import button. This feature will give you the options to import your products via a CSV file.

import large CSV files to Shopify

But the only problem comes when you want to import large quantity of products to your Shopify store because this might make the CSV file’s size larger than 15 MB. and Shopify won’t let you import CSV files larger than 15 MB. If you try that, you’ll face the following error: The supplied file is too large to be imported.

large csv import error

There are some Shopify apps such as Excelify that you can try but what if you need to edit your CSV file after you upload it to your store? Because not every supplier will provide CSV files that are customized for Shopify format. I thought about it and came to the conclusion of making large CSV files into smaller “splits” so I can upload my smaller files one by one instead of trying to import a huge CSV file.

There’s an open-source software called CSV Chunker (free download) to make big CSV files into smaller “splits” without changing its format or messing up with the rows etc.

After you download the software from the above link, just run the CSV File Chunker.exe and then upload your large CSV file. Let’s say your file contains 4000 products, so you can type 2000 Lines Per File and this will make 2 smaller size CSV files that you can upload to your Shopify store one by one.

csv chunker

Don’t forget to check First Line is Header option

The software will create a folder named split at the same location that your large CSV is in (for example if you upload your file to CSV Chunker from your desktop, the software will create a folder named split in your desktop). This is an easy way to import large CSV files to Shopify.

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