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What are SSL Certificates? 

An SSL certificate is a security tool that enables you to engage in activities like e-commerce or other information communications requiring security. An SSL certificate assures consumers that their information is encrypted and will not be compromised or misused.

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What is 40-bit vs. 128-bit?

128-bit encryption, by far the safest and is industry standard for online merchants, banks, as well as anyone in need of secure transactions via the Web worldwide. 40-bit encryption is usually ideal for security-sensitive intranets, and extranets.

How long is the set up process?

SSL provides that only authenticate the Domain Name validity use an automated service therefore you usually can have your certificate the same day. Other Providers who authenticate both the Domain Name and the Company Legibility take anywhere from the same day to up to 5 business days.

What is Identity validation? 

Most SSL Providers will authenticate both the Domain Name and The Company or Organization itself. Authentication of both gives consumers the added assurance that they are disclosing their private information to a legit company.

What is Browser Compatibility?

If you use an SSL Certificate that has low browser acceptance (i.e. only supports Internet Explorer) other browser users will have warning messages displayed that the Certificate is not valid, this in turn might stop them from making a purchase or providing further information.

To avoid such warnings select an SSL Provider with a high browser acceptance level in most major browsers such as: Microsoft IE 4+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

How to Check if Your SSL Certificate is Installed Properly?

Making sure if your SSL certificate is installed properly and trusted by popular browsers is important for the peace of mind. You can visit WebsitePlanet’s SSL checker and easily search your domain’s SSL certificate validity. You can see if everything is correct with your SSL certificate including certificate details, server details, certificate chain. You can also download these information as PDF.

What is Warranty?

Some SSL certificates are backed by Warranty Protection Plans that protects the SSL Certificate customers against loss resulting from the theft, corruption, impersonation, or misuse of a certificate. The coverage varies for different SSL Provider.

Customer support? 

Providers will differ on the amount of support they offer and their effectiveness in helping you when required – most providers will offer both telephone, and email for technical related as well as general inquiries To ensure prompt responses and solutions you should check the providers hours of support and time zone.

Refund Policy and Reissue Policy?

You should always check the refund and reissue policy before purchasing
a Certificate. In case if you decide to cancel the service you may want to know if you are entitled to refunds, refund policies differ for SSL providers from a 30-day refund policy to no refund at all.

In the case of loss or technical errors to your certificate you will want to know the policy regarding a reissue, most major providers will offer a free reissue if the loss occurred within 30 days of initial setup.

SSL ProviderCert. TypePriceSetup TimeWarrantyRefunds
VerisignSecure Site Cert$349.002 days$100,000.0030 days
VerisignSecure Site Pro Cert$895.002 days$250,000.0030 days
VerisignCommerce Site Cert$895.002 days$100,000.0030 days
VerisignCommerce Site Pro$1,395.002 days$250,000.0030 days
Thawte128-bit SuperCert$449.002 daysN/AN/A
ThawteWeb Server Certificate$199.002 daysN/AN/A
InstantSSLPremiumSSL$119.00Same Day$10,000.0030 days
InstantSSLInstantSSL Pro$69.00Same Day$2,500.0030 days
InstantSSLInstantSSL$49.00Same Day$50.0030 days
InstantSSLPremiumSSL Wildcard$449.00Same Day$10,000.0030 days
EntrustWeb Server Cert$149.003-5 daysN/AN/A
GeoTrustQuickSSL$149.00Same DayN/ANo refund
GeoTrustQuickSSL Premium$199.00Same DayN/ANo Refund
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