FREE Domain Appraisal Tool (Same Valuations as Estibot)

free domain appraisal

Free domain appraisal tool is commonly used by domainers to get an idea about their domain’s market value. Although this is not the most accurate and the most preferred way to determine a domain’s market value, it’s still considered a useful way to gather more info about a domain. is the most popular and well known domain appraisal and marketing site that’s used by many domain sellers. Even though Estibot describes itself as a “free” tool, it only gives you 2 appraisal look-up for free. For the 3rd look-up you need to register an account and here are the Estibot packages:

estibot prices

Of course Estibot is not used only for appraisals, there are many more tools on Estibot¬†such as Bulk Whois, Domain and Word Parser, Lead Generator, Bid Tool and similar tools related to domain sales. But what if we only need to appraise our domains, nothing else? Well there’s a free solution for this.

Free Domain Appraisal Tool and Fairness Opinions (COMPLETELY FREE)

free domain appraisal tool has a free domain appraisal tool that 99.99% of the time gives you the same results as
They are probably using Estibot’s API to generate results. The only thing you need to do to use their appraisal tool is registering Epik for free. You don’t need to buy a domain or spend any money, just register and start using their appraisal tool on¬†.

You can see more information about the domain besides the market value on Epik. Search volumes, other taken TLDs and direct link to wayback machine.

Let’s take domain name as example and compare Estibot with Epik:

Estibot Epik
estibot appraisal epik appraisal

As you can see there is no difference on the value and this applies on almost every domain. So you can go ahead and register on and start using their free domain appraisal tool.

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